Persistence U with Lizbeth

2022 in Review: Your Top Five Favorite Episodes of Persistence U

January 18, 2023 Lizbeth Meredith Season 3 Episode 103
Persistence U with Lizbeth
2022 in Review: Your Top Five Favorite Episodes of Persistence U
Show Notes

I'm flying solo for episode 103 after a terrific past few days with my daughter.

Buzzsprout sent some fun stats for our 2022 year, and here are the highlights:

The podcast has grown by 50% over the previous year. 37 countries are listening!
Your favorites in review--
You will learn:

5.What Happens When a Stranger Shows Up for the First 12 Years of Life to Take You Away? (Guest Bee Baumann)
4. Miracles and Fate on 78 Author Ari Schonbrun Shares His Transformation After Surviving 9/11 in Tower One
3.When Stand-Up Comedian Karen Mills Found Something Funny in Her Belly
2. How Kerryn Vaughan Allowed the Loss of Her Sister to Help Others and Change Her World
1. The Truth About Happily Ever After and the Journey of Recovering (From Anything!)
It's me! Just before #stolenbytheirfather was released, based on my book, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Father, I talked about my thoughts on recovery from trauma.

Thanks for your reviews, your questions, your shares, your participation. Massive gratitude!
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